how to cure stomach pain

This weekend I was experiencing a terrible stomach ache. Want a good cure for stomach pains? Head over to ebay and bid on an item that’s about to close. The adrenaline rush will cure your stomach ache, especially if you get into a bidding war. Bidding wars are always exciting.

I actually won two items. I bought 149 different Lee Smith cards for $5. He was always one of my favorite ball players and one of my favorite Wrigley Field memories involves Lee Smith. I also bought 720 1990 Topps Dream Team Ryne Sanberg cards for $15 (2 cents a card). Yea I bought 720 of the exact same card. It’s a nice complement to my 600+ unique card collection of Sandberg. And that 90 Topps Dream Team card is one of the best-looking cards in my collection.

Actually the ebay cure only lasted for about 30 minutes to an hour. I just wound up taking some TUMS and getting plenty of sleep. I think it wound up being a bad batch of chicken. I first ate the chicken on Saturday and had problems, then I had some more of the chicken on Sunday and it came back. I tossed the rest of the chicken.

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15 years ago

Remind me to create sites full of ebay auctions you might randomly bid on!