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How the advertising will really appear in Wrigley Field’s outfield and Jumbotron

Today, the Chicago Cubs shared more images of their proposed changes to Wrigley Field. One image is particularly misleading.

A somewhat detailed look can be found at the Chicago Tribune along with a caption (to the second image above) explaining where actual advertisements will be placed (Full caption pasted in comments below). To the Cubs’ credit, they probably don’t yet know which advertisers will appear on these new surfaces. So they placed in simple graphics that blend with their surroundings. When has advertising actually blended with its surroundings?

The first image gives a more realistic idea of how those advertised surfaces may look. Feel free to download and share.

I’m a Cubs fan who wants the public to be properly informed about the Cubs’ plans.

higher resolution images are available on Flickr.


3 Responses to How the advertising will really appear in Wrigley Field’s outfield and Jumbotron

  1. Erik Maldre May 1, 2013 at 3:13 pm #

    Here’s the full caption found on the Chicago Tribune website:

    This rendering of Wrigley Field shows the proposed 6,000-square-foot video board in left field, including advertising on either side and on top. The drawing also includes a new, 1,000-square-foot ribbon advertisement in right field, a new LED board in front of the left-field bleachers, advertisements near the left and right-field foul poles and a new LED board in center field above the batter’s eye backdrop. In all instances where Wrigley Field appears in the rendering, an advertisement would take its place.
    Provided by Chicago Cubs, April 24, 2013

  2. Matt Maldre May 1, 2013 at 10:57 pm #

    That “Wrigley Field” sign in right field looks nice–until it becomes a giant corporate logo. I thought they were truly just putting up a big “Wrigley Field” sign in right field. Sorta enforcing the brand behind Wrigley Field. That’s cool. But then to find out that sign is not going to say Wrigley Field? It’s gonna be some ad? That’s not reinforcing Wrigley Field? It’s complete deception on the part of the Ricketts.

    I can take any of the other changes to the field. But a giant 30-foot tall logo in right field is just wrong.

    I also find it quite deceiving that the Jumbotron stats Starlin Castro has a count of 3 balls, 1 strike. Castro was the 15th worst MLB player in 2012 for walks per at bat. He walked only once per 18 at bats.


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