Helvetica coffee mug

Helvetica coffee mug available for purchase at veer.com. It’s eighteen bucks. I don’t like coffee and I don’t like paying eighteen dollars for a coffee mug, but I do like the play on words on this mug.

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Matt Maldre
16 years ago

Why get that mug when you can get all the letters in Helvetica light stacked on top of each other? It’s only $14 at my cafepress store: https://www.cafepress.com/spudart/1286906

16 years ago

Clever. And spudart’s cup is pretty cool… now do it with wingdings?

16 years ago

Like you, I like this mug. Like you, I wouldn’t pay $18 for it. You could probably make your own [I think] at Walgreens with a photo.

Tom Saaristo
16 years ago

More bandit seagull, less Helvetica

15 years ago

Not sure what is funnier. The actual postings or the “Mystery Theater 3000” style commentary banter. “Less helvetica…more bandit seagull.” is laugh-out-loud hilarious.

This coffee cup reminds me of my wristwatch design where I placed a tornado photo on the face of the watch. Hence, my very own Tornado Watch.

Bada bump.