Han Solo carbonite LEGO sculpture

This is one of the coolest LEGO sculptures I’ve ever seen: Han Solo in carbonite by Nathan Sawaya.

The blocky nature of the Solo carbonite is a great subject matter for the LEGO medium. They complement each other well. Simply brillant.

More bonus points are awarded for the color palette: gray, gray, and more gray. Too many Lego sculptures out there splash as many colors as possible. It’s nice to see a Lego sculpture with a subdued, sophisticated color palette.

It’s supposedly life-size. Unless Nathan Sawaya is extraordinarily tall, then the LEGO Solo carbonite is undersized. Or maybe Solo was only 5 feet tall. Though Nathan recognizes the short stature of LEGO Solo by calling it his “Tom Cruise”.

The lips are a bit over-puffed. I understand it’s hard to make human heads in LEGO form. However, the two 1×5 pieces representing his lips should be removed. While the head needs some help, the hands are well-crafted. They give a great feel for our buddy, Han, being trapped in carbonite. Nonetheless, it’s a great specimen of LEGO potential. Great work, Nathan! His Liberty Jedi is fun, too. It’s a creative piece.

Though I still think my LEGO cloud sculptures are the most unique. All the LEGO sculptors I know try to mask the blocky nature of LEGO pieces by creating realistic forms in large mass. Instead, I celebrate the LEGO form as it is by sharply contrasting it with the soft, rounded, delicate nature of clouds.

The first LEGO cloud sculpture is available for purchase in my ebay store for only $19 plus $8 shipping.

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Tom Saaristo
17 years ago

The Hans Solo sculpture is incredibly imaginative. Now I’m going to check out your eBay store.

17 years ago


Matt Maldre
17 years ago

so cool it’s frozen!