Gus Fink art on ebay

Periodically, I will post links to folks who sell interesting art on ebay.

There’s far too many of the hokey-pokey, boring, sleepy landscapes and cute little kitty reproduction prints on ebay.

Good artists deserve proper recognition.

Gus Fink(a.k.a. Gus Finkelstein) often uses the following words in his auction descriptions: outsider, raw, original, pop, folk, goth, graffiti. I think all those words are appropriate.

The art of Gusfink certainly has a certain edgy, grungy, dirty feel. However, he often mixes that style with comical subject matter such as space kittens and green monkeys. It’s this contrast between playful subject matter and raw techniques that interests me the most.

Yet, alot of his work has somewhat disturbing subject matter such as skinless cannibals. This is a little too obvious and just downright creepy.

GusFink’s ranking on ebay as of 6/27/05 is a whooping 830. He has been able to consistently produce work, a quality many ebay artists find difficult to maintain. Part of that success is perhaps in due to his technique. I don’t know how long he spends on each piece, but I believe he has found a way to produce work in a timely manner where he can afford to sell each item for an affordable price on ebay. Kudos to Gus for being able to keep original, creative art affordable for the general public. That’s a strength found in ebay that more artists need to delve into.

Gus has a website, I can’t say much about the site now, because the computer I have refuses to display anything built in Flash; even though I have the stupid plug-in installed.

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Tom Saaristo
19 years ago

I can see where his art would have appeal, but the overall feeling of the pieces are a bit too sad and dark for me.

Matt Maldre
19 years ago

Perhaps your computer is refusing to display art that is crap.