Last summer, Andrea and I discovered that there was a groundhog living under our deck. I thought it was cool at first. I looked online and saw that groundhogs enjoy veggies. A couple times I threw it some carrots or berries. Though Andrea was not happy that I was feeding it blueberries. I guess blueberries are expensive. The coolness of having a cohabitant quickly wore off when I found groundhog business in the yard. Winter came and the groundhog went into hibernation Now, it’s almost summer and I had the first sighting of the ghog today during lunch. I bought a new digital camera and was having some problems with it and I was unable to photograph him. I threw a few carrots in the yard. waited a few minutes. and he came back. but he scurried under the deck. I managed to get this shot of him peaking out.

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Laura K.
Laura K.
20 years ago

what’s his name? or maybe it’s a girl. what’s her name? maybe it’s HIS/HER house, and you stole it from him/her. you broke groundhog law. you are guilty of house theft.