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A couple days ago I blogged about the neat Google Maps image of Buckingham Fountain in Grant Park. When I began my search for this image I stupidly typed in “Grant Park” into Google Maps. Clearly it was an exercise executed without much thought. Interestingly enough though, Google gave me the map of Grant Park, Illinois.

I wonder how the folks of Grant Park, IL feel about Grant Park in Chicago. Did anyone from Grant Park, IL travel to Grant Park in Chicago last week for Taste of Chicago? What unique perspective does a Grant Park native have on the Taste of Chicago? Perhaps I will contact the city council or mayor of Grant Park, IL and ask them how they feel about the controversial underground Children’s Museum being placed in Grant Park. Oh, maybe I’ll throw in a question about the new developments of a Daniel Burnham memorial being planned for Grant Park.

The office of the Mayor of Grant Park, IL is here if you would like to ask where to find Buckingham Fountain in Grant Park, IL (I’m sure they LOVE that question):
106 W Taylor St
Grant Park, IL 60940-7171
(815) 465 – 6531

In case you’re curious about Grant Park, IL, here’s some info:

It takes about an hour to drive from Grant Park, IL to Grant Park in Chicago (68 minutes per Google Maps’ suggestion. Basically it’s taking Route 1 N to 394 N to I-94 W.)

It’s directly south of Chicago in Kankakee County. It’s not too far from the Indiana border.

As seen in the map accompanying this blog post, the city of Grant Park, IL is rather small, 0.66 square miles to be exact. There’s a little more than a dozen streets. I bet Lake Metonga is a popular place to hang out. I love saying “Metonga”. Metonga! Metonga! Metonga! As if the Grant Park Chicago/Grant Park, IL comparison isn’t confusing enough; there’s also a Lake Metonga in Wisconsin which has far more photos on flickr than the Lake Metonga in Illinois.

Grant Park, Illinois events

Grant Park Oktoberfest is an annual event that includes: “Carnival, arts and crafts, car judging show, pork chop dinner, and lighted parade!”
Date: October 2-4, 2009
Location: Community Center-Grant Park
209 W Dixie Hwy
Grant Park, Illinois 60940
Phone 815 – 465 – 6531

Place of interest in Grant Park, Illinois

Bandits Bar & Grill
101 S Main St
(815) 466-0048

Bennett Curtis House
302 W Taylor St
(815) 465-2288

Casey’s General Store
12545 E State Route 1 17
(815) 466-0157

Traxx Sports Bar & Grill
400 S Main St
(815) 465-2000

USA Family Restaurant (shown in photo above)
102 E Taylor St
(815) 465-2196

Casey’s General Store
12545 E State Route 1 17
(815) 466-0157

Circle K
319 S Main St
(815) 465-2088

Grant Park Public Library
107 W. Taylor
email: mmwilkening -at-

Yellowhead Twp Office
113 W Curtis St
(815) 465-6308

Grant Park Maintenance Dept
205 N Stanley
(815) 465-2264

Lalich Resources, Inc. (advertising agency)
Steve Lalich, 105 N Main Street, PO Box 711
(815) 465-2070

boring stats:

Population in July 2007: 1,630.
Population change since 2000: +17.4%

Grant Park, IL median resident age: 36.0 years
Illinois median resident age: 34.7 years

Estimated median household income in 2007: $58,288 (it was $52,153 in 2000)
Grant Park: $58,288
Illinois: $54,124

Estimated median house or condo value in 2007: $183,199 (it was $125,900 in 2000)
Grant Park: $183,199
Illinois: $208,800

boring stats courtesy of and
photograph courtesy Tobias Higbie of Flickr via Creative Commons license

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Matt Maldre
14 years ago

Wait. So you are telling me you drove through Grant Park? (haha. it’s funny saying that). AND you didn’t ask anyone, “where is buckingham fountain?” You should have stopped off at a gas station and asked for directions to Buckingham Fountain.

14 years ago

I live in Grant Park. We get asked about Buckingham Fountain all the time, as well as if the small park we have is Millenium Park. We get a good laugh out of it. You would be surprised on how many people ask us how we have an address in Grant Park Chicago. I would tell them i live on the third park bench to the right of the fountain. It’s a small town that is for sure, but has lots of spirit.

Mark R
Mark R
14 years ago

Way to have a sense of humor Princess. Plus it’s nice to see you speaking up on behalf of your town.