Google Maps runs red lights?

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I was cruising through the north side of Chicago via Google Maps and I was shocked to see that the Google Maps car/truck/van/whatever possibly ran through a red light at Sheridan Road and Irving Park Road.

Judging from the location of the map, the Google Maps vehicle is traveling either northbound or southbound along Sheridan Road. Look at the red traffic light on Sheridan. And be sure to note the yellow traffic light on Irving Park. So it’s not even a situation where the Google Maps vehicle was going through a yellow light that just so happened to turn red. Because the Irving Park Road light was turning yellow meant that the Sheridan light was red for a good long time.

Then again, it may just be that the Google Maps vehicle is traveling eastbound on Irving Park Road. If that’s the case, then they are simply driving through a yellow light.

The reason for my Google Map visit to Sheridan and Irving Park is designslingers’ interesting post about “The Great Cover-Up on Sheridan Road“.