Futura Book “j” stinks

I have a client whose corporate font is Futura. Futura annoys me. Just look at the letter “j” in Futura Book. It looks like a confused “i” or an upside down exclamation point.

Paul Renner designed Futura in 1928. Sorry, Paul, you were a great German (apposed Nazism from the get-go and a prominent member of the Deutscher Werkbund), but Futura belongs in 1928, not 2007.

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Tom Saaristo
15 years ago

That’s not a “j” that’s a pool cue about to hit the 8-ball. The designer of that font was clearly behind the 8-ball when he came up with that one! Wa wa waaaaaa

tony adams
tony adams
14 years ago

futura is awesome.
the lowercase j is the best bit!
i used to hate it, but now i love it.


[…] lower case j in Futura looks like crap, as unlikelymoose pointed out in his blog post, “Futura Book “j” stinks. However, Futura is such a standard for font choices. Futura is so round, geometric, it exudes a […]

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