Head over to wrigleyvillerooftops.com and their masthead will treat you to a Godzilla-sized Kosuke Fukudome creeping out of the Bud Light Bleachers of Wrigley Field with his eyes focused on someone in the upper deck, perhaps Len Kasper in the media section?

Even stranger is the other feature in the collage (not shown in the cropped image above). It’s Reed Johnson lunging to catch a fly ball, but apparently is merely inches from running into the scoreboard. Don’t ask me how he attained super power skills to achieve such a feat. Perhaps he’s taking the same HGH that’s got Big Poopie all revved up.

And then there’s the wrigleyville rooftops logo. U-G-L-Y. I wonder if the designer got paid based on how many colors he could fit into the design. If so, that designer hit the jackpot with this logo.

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Matt Maldre
14 years ago

I wonder how much they are paying Fukudome to use his image in their marketing. I also wonder how much they are paying the Cubs and MLB for using their logos. I also wonder if Fukie is going to climb a green bean stalk up to the sky.