Friday Faceoff: football vs. baseball

Who will win? football or baseball?

This is a rather timely installation of Faceoff Friday seeing as baseball is hitting the final week of the wild card/division races and football is just starting to hit its stride in week 3 of the season. However, this is not a debate over which is sport is better. So no answers saying baseball is more historic or football is a faster game. It’s a fight between a baseball and a football, not the sports these objects are used to play.

I think the baseball wins because the baseball can just pound away at the football until it deflates. I don’t see a way how the football can undo the laces of the baseball. Easy win.

Who do you think will win?

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15 years ago

It’s a tie. The baseball may be able to deflate the football, but in its last moments the football would smother the baseball.

Matt Maldre
15 years ago

if the baseball gets unwound it wins. There’s like a bajillion quintillion miles of twine in a baseball. How does one defeat a bajillion quintillion miles of twine?

15 years ago

By being a football.

Matt Maldre
15 years ago

I just typed that comment and got it in my email notification, and as i read the first few words I totally forgot I wrote it, and I was thinking, “wow, this comment is genius.” Then i remembered I wrote it, and i didn’t know if i should feel good, cuz I wrote a genius quote or if i should feel dumb, cuz i forgot i wrote it.


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