free 35mm film developing and prints

Today Walgreens is offering free developing and 4×6″ prints from one roll of 35mm film. Now I have a decision to make.

Firstly, I won’t be using this service for any of the film in my five active 35mm cameras (Nikon FE, Petri 7s, Vivitar PZ3115, Target diposable camera, and Argus Super Seventy-Five). My standard practice is to shoot film, then get the film processed and scanned digitally at Walgreens. (Thanks to Dan Gottesman for originally suggesting this months ago). No prints are ordered. Not all the photographs I shoot are print-worthy and I don’t need extra prints floating around my house. Plus, it’s only about $5 to get film processed and scanned which is much cheaper than getting film processed and prints made.

This is going to be a custom 24 (maybe 25 or 26) print series. So I will need to start a fresh roll of film. Yesterday I shot off the remaining eight or so photos on the roll in my trusty Nikon FE, so now it’s primed and ready for a new roll of film. I’ll have less than one hour to complete this project for I’ll be shooting during my lunch break. Here’s the two options:

1. Photograph the old Wheaton Courthouse in the David Hockney style.

2. Throw on my 60mm macro lens on the camera and take ultra-minimalist colorful super-blurry photographs.

Option one would kinda require that I either hang the collaged photo on a wall somewhere at home or at work or try selling the whole thing on etsy somehow. I would prefer to do this shoot digitally first to determine the best way to arrange the shots.

I’m very heavily leaning towards option two. The prints as a nice, simple set could possibly function as its own unit or be used as the groundwork for something else like drawing something on top of the prints.

Either way I’m really hoping it’s sunny this afternoon.