Fox Lumber fire

There was a fire at Fox Home Center in Alsip, Illinois yesterday. Fox’s is a landmark on the south side of Chicago. It’s sad to see it go up in smoke. The reason for this post is that I get a kick out of looking at the animated gif on Fox’s website.

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Kristina J.
Kristina J.
17 years ago

We saw the cloud of smoke coming home from church on the tollway. Initially we thought it was a warehouse near the industrial part of Alsip (on the way to CCHS). We (Matt encouraged) trailed the fire to Fox’s. Holy cow. It was raging!! And it seemed like puny-little efforts with fire department’s hoses. Like throwing a bucket of water on the blaze. The entire neighborhood was out watching. Alsip even called in fire fighters from other ‘burbs to help. We saw Evergreen Park, Burbank, and Chicago rushing to the seen. Dad was sad about the news. He enjoyed going… Read more »


[…] recently had the opportunity visit the new Fox Home Center. It burned down 4 years ago and I was quite happy to see it rebuilt as I drove down a stretch of Cicero Avenue that I now quite […]