Fox Home Center, Alsip

I recently had the opportunity visit the new Fox Home Center. It burned down 4 years ago and I was quite happy to see it rebuilt as I drove down a stretch of Cicero Avenue that I now quite infrequently visit.

There’s things to like and not like about the new store.
What to like:
It’s just a beautiful store. I especially like the stained and sealed concrete floor. It’s easy to tell that they invested in using hi-end materials to rebuild this store. The section with the random parts in individual drawers rivals any Ace Hardware. It’s huge. I scored two boxes of higher-end nails that you’d never find at one of the corporate hardware stores. If you’re looking to remodel your kitchen, Fox dedicated a large space to different kitchen configs. That’s only a good thing if you’re in the market for redoing your kitchen.

What not to like:
Too many kitchen models makes Fox less of a hardware/lumber store and more of an interior design shop. Their selection of lumber is greatly reduced when compared to the days before the fire. That saddens me. They had an awesome dowel rod selection back in the day. Now, the lumber is pushed in the back of the store. The entrance to the store is strategically placed so patrons must walk through the huge kitchen design section to get anywhere. This “exit through the gift shop” mentality is unappreciated. I’m also torn about the hi-end appearance of the store. I love the look, but sometimes I just want my lumber shop to be basic, simple, to the point, with no fancy eye shadow.

Fox Home Center’s website
They’re located at 111th and Cicero in Alsip.

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Matt Maldre
13 years ago

I have a photo of the Fox Lumber fire: