foot mouse

Ever hear the joke about the blonde using a computer for the first time? She put the mouse on the floor and thought it worked like a gas pedal.

Well, there’s different devices out there that allow for you to control computer functions with your feet. It makes sense. You use your hands when using the computer, but your feet are dormant. It’s about time we put our feet to good use (other than the overrated experience of walking).

Go to and do a search for “foot mouse”. There’s 5 different models you can buy. They only work on Windows. Sorry, mac users.

The Kinesis Savant Elite Dual Action Foot Switch is a good example. The left pedal is the left click. The right pedal is the right click. You can also “reprogram the foot switch to activate any key action(s). Perfect for offloading work from an overused finger or hand. Some of the more commonly used key actions are Shift, Tab, Enter, Backspace and Delete.”