flags colors in pie chart form

I absolutely love flags. Countless hours of my Montessori Kindergarten education was spent studying the flags of the world.

It looks like Shahee Ilyas shares the same love for flags. Her “Flags by Colours” chart shows how much color appears in a respective flag. The screen grab shown with blog post has the Estonian flag in the center. It is 3 equal parts of blue, black and white. So those three colors are properly represented in the pie chart. I love it. There’s 224 pie chart flags in all. AWESOME! Click on a pie chart and see which country the flag belongs to.

Be sure to visit the very bottom of the page. It shows a pie chart of all the colors. It’s an overview of how colors are represented in our planet’s nations’ flags.

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Matt Maldre
16 years ago

nice job putting the Estonian pie chart in the middle.