first one to buy firewire powerbook now has dead firewire ports

I pride myself on being the first person in the world to buy an Apple Powerbook with Firewire. It was February 2000. Steve Jobs was making his keynote address at MacWorld Tokyo. I was listening via webcast. I had the phone in my hand with the first ten digits of the 800 number already dialed. The very second Steve Jobs uttered the word “powerbook”, I hit the last digit in the phone number and I ordered my powerbook. The Apple sales associate told me that i was the first person to order one.

Well, it’s been 6 years since that historic moment. Now the firewire ports are dead on my faithful Powerbook Pismo. I’m sad.

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Matt Maldre
18 years ago

maybe you can use your firewire ports to store Tic Tac candies.

Laura K.
Laura K.
18 years ago

wow, what a cool story! i bought my Powerbook in a fit of tears, after breaking up with my last boyfriend. that’s my story. yours is much cooler [and has a happier premise].


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