fire truck

We had a fire drill today at work. I got to walk down 24 flights of stairs. It wasn’t too bad.

While we were waiting for the fire department to let us back up, I took the opportunity to check out the fire engine. I was surprised that no one else was interested. There’s alot of people in our building and there’s no streets or anyone going by our building so it was a nice opp to get a close look.

Here’s some observations:

1. heavy duty. EVERYTHING on the truck was heavy duty. Even the side mirrors were huge. Big mirror attached to big arm attached to big mounting plate.

2. clean. very clean. Firemen like to keep their trucks clean.

3. poor lettering. Upon closer inspection, the hand lettering on the truck wasn’t the best. The Oakbrook Terrace Fire Department needs to invest in a better custom painter.

4. cool labels. Just about everything had cool labels on it. And they were debossed which makes for cool pencil rubbings. I wish I had my pencil and pad. Though I don’t think I would have had the guts to do a pencil rubbing on the fire truck. I was really upset with myself that I didn’t have my digital camera with me. It was a nice sunny day, too.

5. engine running; nobody home. They left the truck running and no fireman was in sight. I could have easily jumped in and taken Big Red for a ride down Route 83. Though that prolly woulda been followed by a ride to long prison term.