famous artist painting series

Almost two years ago, I started selling my “AIN’T” painting series which features a handful of famous (and one or two not-so famous) artists on 5×7″ matboard. Below are how many hits each artist has received in my ebay store. The paintings with asterisks were posted in my ebay store in October 2006. The non-asterisk artists were posted in May 2006.

I can’t believe that I’m tied with Paul Klee and Gustav Klimt with 46. Let’s tilt the balance and visit the AIN’T MALDRE painting so I can get an artificially higher rank!

460 kruger*
399 ruscha
313 kiefer*
297 duchamp
263 richter*
251 nauman
248 beuys
233 close*
226 schnabel*
201 flavin
186 bacon*
172 stella*
149 picasso
139 warhol
136 krasner*
117 pollock
76 johns*
65 hockney
64 rothko
46 klee
46 klimt*
46 maldre*
15 skrypeck*

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16 years ago

Hey, what do you think of all the eBay stuff that’s been going down? The fees and the ratings changes?