expanding bookshelf

There’s been a number of things that this blog has been a sucker for. Innovative bookshelves is one of them. Here’s another brilliant piece. It’s the REK bookcase by Reinier de Jong.

Surely the aesthetics is something to behold. The shelf completely closed is striking. However, the functionality of the REK in its “closed” stage is certainly lacking. Yet, when the shelf is expanded to its fullest, it can be quite functional. The open spaces accomodate books of all different heights.

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Matt Maldre
15 years ago

When did you make all these blog posts? The last one i saw was the menards icon. Your RSS feed is not updating. That’s how I check your blog.


Being able to close the shelf serves no real purpose. You’d have to take everything off the shelf to close it. What’s the purpose of that? I think this is a work of art. That’s what this is about. It makes you ponder is it a shelf if you can’t put anything on it when it’s closed.