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I have posted a new Art series in my ebay store. It is “Elephant & Machine“.

50% of the final sale price of each transaction will be automatically donated to Ahali Elephants. Currently only archival glicee prints are for sale. I’m considering selling the original paintings on etsy.com. Prints are $24 each.

Here is the artist statement from the series:

In this series, environments are redefined by the unlikely coexistence of elephant and machine. Many questions result from the interaction of these two subject matters as detailed later in this artist statement.

It’s only natural for there to be so many questions when tackling the subject matter of elephants and machines. Elephants are among the most mysterious creatures on this planet. They are profoundly intelligent, self-aware and passionate, yet we understand very little about these majestic creatures. They have been highly revered as symbols of wisdom and dignity by various societies throughout time. Whether it’s considered fortunate or not, machines are highly revered by societies in today’s world. They have a certain level of mystery in that they spellbind our daily lives.

Too often the forces behind machines leads to a collision course with elephants resulting in the continuing destruction of nature’s great giant. Perhaps there’s a way for both to coexist. The website, save-the-elephants.org, phrases it well in their mission statement:

Our mission is to secure a future for elephants and to sustain the beauty and ecological integrity of the places where they live; to promote man
s delight in their intelligence and the diversity of their world, and to develop a tolerant relationship between the two species.

Below are some questions that result from the pairing of elephant and machine.

Why is the elephant walking on the machine? What machine is that? What does the machine do? How did the elephant get there? Did the elephant come to the machine or did the machine come to the elephant?

Is the elephant safe? Has human force relegated the elephant to be with the machine? Does the machine operate only with the force of the elephant? Will the machine destroy the elephant?

Will the elephant destroy the machine? Is the elephant intent on breaking the machine? Is the machine already broken by the elephant? Is the elephant triumphantly standing on the machine?

Is the elephant simply passing by? Is the elephant curious about the function of the machine? Is the elephant considering making the machine his new home? Is the machine the elephant’s home? Can the machine and the elephant coexist?

It is the last question that this series hopes to address. And hopefully the answer is “yes”.

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15 years ago

Elephant & Machine’s artistic statement is mammoth yet pachydermically prophetic.