ebay stinks

Recently, ebay made a new price structure announcement.

Imagine being an ebay store owner and it’s your job, your livelihood. It’s how you pay the bills and everything else. Now imagine opening up an email from ebay saying that if you want your insertion fees to stay about the same for all your store items, you now will be paying $300 a month instead of $16. Well, that’s going to be true starting tomorrow, March 30. Oh wait. It doesn’t stop there.

If you want to continue paying $16 a month for an ebay store, then guess what, you’re insertion fees are going to skyrocket. A shop item with a price tag of between $1-$24.99 previously cost $0.03 a month to have in your store. Well, now it’s $0.20 a month. It’s only a price increase of 667%.

I’m so glad that I closed my ebay store a year ago. This is all nonsense.

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