Dynamite magazine

Remember Dynamite magazine. We got Dynamite magazine in 4th or 5th grade at Hope Lutheran School, Chicago in the mid 1980s through the Scholastic Book Club. Dynamite magazine. classic 80s. classic.

Links to Dynamite Magazine:

jsikes on tripod: he even has a scan of the Bummers cartoon. again, classic. There’s some cover images of the kids mag, but they’re really really dark. Maybe jsikes likes to wear his sunglasses at night.

wikipedia’s take on Dynamite

retrocrush.com: 24 covers from Dynamite Magazine. Most are from the early, early 80s.

tradingeagles.com: They are currently selling three Dynamite Magazines for $3 each! One features that hispanic dude, Juan Luis Pedro Phillipo de Huevos Epstein, from Welcome Back Kotter!

ebay: pick up more Dynamite magazines from ebay. Last I checked there’s 9 items up for bids and 87 items in ebay stores.

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Mark R
Mark R
17 years ago

I don’t remember the magazine at all, but I’m loving that Lee Majors was on the cover.

Even funnier is that he has his shirt opened to reveal his macho chest hair.

First, “Good Times”, and now “The Fall Guy”. This Dynamite week thing has produced some pretty entertaining posts. Nice work Moose!!!