duct tape or blue tape?

There’s much lore and fame associated with duct tape. There’s the duct tape prom dresses, duct tape tuxedos, babies duct taped to the wall, and of course duct tape wallets (of which I am an owner.) However, I find myself using blue painter’s tape far more often than duct tape. It’s so versatile. It can hold things in place firmly without leaving residue when it’s time to peel the tape. Duct tape can’t claim that. I love duct tape, but if I had to choose which tape I would use for the rest of my life, I’d certainly choose blue painter’s tape.

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15 years ago

Ummm.. why would you EVER need to take tape OFF of something? Duct tape fixes.. so, logically, taking it off breaks things.
Don’t break things.
(I used that last line on a sign I had to put on my scanner at work)