draw on the internet

I’m sure there’s dozens of websites out there that let you draw things right there on the webpage. Here’s one of them: imaginationcubed.com. The graphics are real clean and slick. The default tool is a marker with green ink. You can change the thickness and color. They also give you different tools to draw whatever you wish. I simply used the default as you can see in the banner image above.

Helpful hints:
1. If you want to erase part of your drawing just use white ink.
2. If you want a background color other than white, then use the rectangle tool to draw a solid “background” color before you begin drawing.

Another cool thing about this is that you can replay the drawing. It is a replay of exactly what you did. Fun to watch.

You can also send the drawing to any email address. When the receipient clicks on the link in their email, they go to the site and the drawing is animated in the process it was created. very cool.

And and the receipient has the option to add to the drawing and send it to whomever they wish.

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Laura K.
19 years ago

i can do a simple version of this in Flash.

Laura K.
19 years ago

this page really locked up my computer. i had to force-quit. it doesn’t seem to recognize when you move the mouse to close the window – it just keeps drawing, then freezing up.

Laura K.
19 years ago

i’m not saying i WANT to do it. i’m saying i COULD. not as fancy as this. but i know how to do mouse-controlled interactive animations. it’s actually not that hard.