don’t use Futura for body copy

Go to any major book store this time of year and you’ll find at least 10 fantasy football magazines. How do you pick which one to use? Well, don’t go for any that uses Futura for its body copy. Futura is a demanding font. Its geometric tendencies are not intended for magazines where you’re trying to cram in as much information as humanly possible.

I’ll tell you why designers of fantasy football magazines use Futura. It’s a gigantic family with tons of weights which theoretically allows more flexibility in different applications. Theoretically. Just look at any chart in a magazine that features Futura. They always end up using Futura Light Condensed. It looks terrible and is highly challenging to read. It’s just plain stupid and offensive.

Please, designers of fantasy football magazines, do not use Futura. Please. Tomorrow’s blog post will feature my font recommendations for fantasy football magazine designers.

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Matt Maldre
13 years ago

yeah, that’s dumb how they use futura for the body. There’s one magazine that sets their body at futura 13pt.

there are two magazines that I get every year. I forget their names. I always rip off the cover and keep it in my files with my notes from every year’s draft. Keeping your fantasy football draft notes is like keeping a scorecard from a baseball game.