dollar store find: ninja figures


About 18 per pack for $1 at Dollar Tree, Villa Park, IL about three or four years ago. I couldn’t believe it and bought three packs and should have cleaned out the store of all their ninja figures.

one of my greatest dollar store finds.

higher-res photo over at flickr.

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14 years ago

Those Ninja figures are cool. I was about to run out to my store until I saw you say it was 3 or 4 years ago. I wonder why they did not mold them in black. I always saw Ninjas where black.

14 years ago

I tried to think about my best find at dollar store over the years. I bought a book by CNN correspondent Lou Dobbs. What is interesting is there were 50 books of the same title and I randomly dug in the collection and picked one that he had signed. They were not all signed as I looked at others. I might have to go to my local store and see if I can trump the Ninjas but that would be difficult to do.

Matt Maldre
14 years ago

Oh man. These are cool.

I set a google alert feed for:
“flare glasses”

I would have liked to seen these ninjas photographed on a white or black background. The limited focus is nice, but the background in this particular photo is distracting.

BTW, why didn’t you post this photo on flickr and then embed it in this post?