disgruntled with your phone company?

Not happy with a utility company of some sort? Find a mathematician to help write your payment check.
Randall Munroe of xkcd.com fame wrote this check. Be sure to read the “memo” field.

I gave a link to Randall’s comic strip a few weeks back. He’s getting around the internet. I found the check from hackedgadgets.com. I came across his comic strip from a google image search of all places.

The handwriting on that check looks strangely like my brother’s handwriting.

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Matt Maldre
17 years ago

Hilarious! What do you think Verizon actually did with this check? I bet the person who processes this stuff didn’t even realize it was a math equation. He/she probably thought it was just scribble. Which kinda ruins the fun of it.

17 years ago

In all seriousness, I had to pay a $.01 bill to Verizon last year after I moved and transferred accounts. We were tempted to send a penny and a very pointed letter, but, sheepishly replied by writing the dumbest check ever written.

Ironic that the expense of correspondence for both the phone company and us was way more than one cent.