different uses for usb

get a load of all the different uses for usb. The lock is brilliant. The only way you can use the usb device is if you unlock the lock. However, the locking mechanism (u-shape) doesn’t come completely off, so in reality it would be difficult to actually make this device happen.

I’m also digging the usb necktie. It’s makes a cool statement.

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Tom Saaristo
18 years ago

Interesting point about not really being able to use the USB feature of the lock because the U-ring doesn’t come off! I wonder how many people will buy at be frustrated by that! I see the Wooden USB you posted about before popping up on other blogs over the weekend. Some people are just a little slow.

Tom Saaristo
18 years ago

Oh, I can’t point you to specific blogs. I do a lot of trolling around Xanga [where I have my blog] and have seen posts about the variety of USB items

Laura K.
18 years ago

tom, you are such a troll.