Destro Mask, Destro figures, Destro history

Get a load of this kickin’ version of the Destro mask. Higher-res version here.

Here’s a French version of the Destro mask. He looks like a grumpy old man.

Wikipedia offers a nice summary of Destro. Destro’s full name is James McCullen Destro XXIV. I never knew that.

history of the Destro mask:
The history of the Destro clan dates back to the mid-1600s in Scotland, when the Destro family began selling weapons to both armies fighting the civil war in England. When Oliver Cromwell discovered their treachery, he punished the Destros, by forcing their leader to wear a steel mask; however, instead of viewing the mask as a disgrace, they made it a symbol of honor, and since that time have passed it down from generation to generation, always to be worn by the head of the clan.

More versions of Destro:

The original 1983 G.I.Joe Destro action figure in the packaging (with swivel-arm battle grip!) I own this one.
and his bio card!

version two Destro action figure 1988, Iron Grenadiers Leader. Got this one, too.
version two’s filecard

version three Destro action figure 1992, Enemy Weapons Supplier
filecard. pretty bad illustration

version four Destro action figure 1993, Cobra-Tech Commander. This one is probably the worst version ever.
Though the illustration on the filecard is very nice

version five Destro action figure 1997, Weapons Supplier

version six Destro action figure 2001,
Enemy Weapons Supplier
. I have this one.
variant filecard

version seven Destro action figure 2002. He looks like a demented robot.

version eight Destro action figure 2002. Here we see the demented robot version of Destro again with a different outfit.

version nine Destro action figure 2002
Another demented Destro with different clothes. Please stop with the demented Destros!

version ten Destro action figure 2003. This must be the rapper version Destro… black turtleneck with silver neckware

version eleven Destro action figure 2004. Another nominee for worst Destro ever. Head is too small for body. and feet look really small.
filecard (like version 4, the figure is terrible, but illustration is nice)

version twelve Destro action figure 2005. Ahhhh. A return to the classic Destro look.
packaging. Includes Duke and Roadblock. What a set! Three of my favorite G.I.Joe characters!

Iron Grenadier Destro

Sigma 6 Series 4 Destro

Sigma6 Mech

spoof on Destro’s relationship with The Baroness

2005 G.I.Joe 3/4″ General Mayhem: M.A.R.S. Invades Set Destro

Some guy named Edmonds took the X-Men Legends figures and created a custom set of G.I.Joe figures including Destro. Quite impressive.

JvC8 Destro (with Grunt)

Palisades Toys Destro Bust

Destro from a recent comic book

illustration of Destro holding a drink. cool!! Though how does he drink it?

Photoshop-work of Nicholas Cage as Destro

Some dude dressed up as Destro

Looks like the same dude dressed up as Destro with a fleet of Cobra ground soldiers. The soldier on the right has been eating too many donuts.

Destro in a Harry Potter robe

still from the original G.I.Joe cartoon

what the? looks like a Samurai Destro with robo-clear legs. oooook.

Destro is lost in the prairie

nice custom Destro with a nice jacket

very cool life-like video rendering of a statue of Destro by Brian Parnell. great work.

an actual person with the last name of “Destro”: Toni Destro, a harpist.


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Matt Maldre
17 years ago

You know what would be suga sweet? Do hi-res scans of all the heads of the 12 destro figures.

Emo Phillips
14 years ago

My new favorite retro sci-fi space adventure is one of Destro’s favorite movies! Its called “Max Neptune and the Menacing Squid”
Check out the trailer here:


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