Design Gangsta video lyrics

When I first came across this video, I thought it was going to be real cheesey. It turns out to be quite clever and has some classic lines. My favorite is the following:

Got the key commands down
and my fingers is my tools
Never use command ‘z’
‘cuz I don’t make mistakes fool
My mechanicals is fresh
I’ll mock ’em up in your face
and you know my work is clean
‘cuz I’m using white space

video and lyrics by Kyle T. Webster

I sat down and punched in the lyrics for “Design Gangsta”. Check ’em out in the comments section.

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16 years ago

Unlikely Moose,

You have certainly made me feel like a celebrity by taking the time to post my lyrics online. Thanks – I’m pretty overwhelemed! I’m glad you enjoyed ‘O.D.G.’ – I had fun making it.