Dan Gottesman photography

Check out this awesome photograph taken by Dan Gottesman of the Northern Lights in Alaska. Dan’s a buddy I worked with years ago. He taught me many things about computers back in the day. I was his Mac padawan.

Actually, I consider the photo below to be a classic example of Dan Gottesman photography. Years ago he had a great collection of found dramatic overhead lightning. I always told him that’s his signature technique. Whether he agreed with me is another story for this is the only example of this technique in his flickr collection. Perhaps he has moved on from this style.

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Mark R
Mark R
16 years ago

The above picture would have been better without the cover plate in the picture. It seems out of place and draws your attention away from the rest of the piece.

As for the Northern Lights photo, it is actually one of the best I’ve seen. Good stuff.

Tom Saaristo
16 years ago

I’m a sucker for great photos of the Aurora Borealis