dada poems

Alberto R
os shows how to make a dada poem.
Basically, you cut up the words from a newspaper and randomly select the words. Though a much easier way would be to close your eyes, wave your finger in the air like you don’t care, then randomly land your finger on the newspaper, then write down the word your finger is pointing to. You don’t have to bother with scissors and a bag to put the clippings in. Plus, Albert’s clipping technique is too similiar to a randsom note… kinda creepy.

I have a direct mail piece sitting on my desk that I’m designing for work. I will use it to build my dada poem.

Yourself find it’s together more outstanding for obligation costs.
Freedom provide personally birthday insurance.
Find you’re easy through FREE Texas benefits.
Protect $46,000 possibly with this road.

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Matt Maldre
17 years ago

poem sense no make
turtles crawl on letters