customized McRib

I was going to recommend not going out during lunchtime and eating a McDonalds McRib and then returning to your desk and eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I did that and I’m not happy right now. I was looking up photos of McRibs to do a “McRib + PBJ = sad face” photo illustration. Then I found something. I stopped, spoke with the Chief Publishing Editor of and we agreed this post should be about the wonderfully wonderful “McRib With Bacon and Mozzarella Sticks” featured on Need I say more? Now only if McDonalds sold mozzarella stick and slices of bacon.

photo courtsey of

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Matt Maldre
12 years ago

i can eat only half a mcrib. If i eat the whole thing, I get kinda sicky. I couldn’t imagine eating this whole thing. This looks more like a dinner spread for a family!