custom carved coins

I was thinking about using this image for the “what is it” series. However, I thought it simply meritted a post on its own.

Andy Garon (“The Coinmon”) takes coins from around the world and carves them. The image you see on this post is George Washington smoking a firecracker (Happy 4th of July!) Some of the other smokers include: Eisenhower, Ben Franklin, Susan B. Anthony, and even a caribou… pretty funny stuff. A smoking coin can be yours for only 10 bucks. not bad.

He doesn’t just do smoking coins. The rest of the site shows off his carving skills. Some of them are really nice. Click on the Holland or China link and you’ll see what I mean. (Sorry, I can’t give a direct link. His site is built with frames.)

Though I’m quite disappointed he doesn’t have any Estonian coins. He’s got coins from some pretty far out places like Kiribati and Iceland.

In case you’re wondering about the legal nature of all this… Garon has a link called “Yes it’s Legal” at the top of his site. He explains that if you intend on spending these carved coins as money, then it’s illegal. If you utilize the coins simply as jewelry or as a collectible, then it’s not illegal. Works for me.