crucifix or kitty cat stamp

Recently I purchased a crucifix for $5.69 (shipping included) on ebay. I might be receiving a kitty cat stamp instead. Curious thing.

The seller sent me a message saying “the stamp” has been shipped and the following warm message, “May you enjoy the use of the stamp.”

Here’s my reply:
“I’m in no hurry to receive the crucifix, so no worries there. Your message mentions that I’ll be receiving “the stamp”. I just checked your completed listings and you recently sold a kitty cat stamp. Hopefully I won’t be getting the cat stamp in place of the crucifix. If that is indeed the case, I actually wouldn’t raise a hoot about it. I could use the stamp for my six-year old daughter. She loves cats. The question that would remain is if the kitty cat stamp buyer is happy receiving a crucifix. If they are, then I would consider that a blessing. Whatever the matter or lack of matter, I’m sure it can be resolved.”

The drama will build over the next couple days until the package arrives.

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