crazy magnet ball

Here’s a huge magnet ball you can buy for $77. Ouch. That’s alotta money. It’s still a cool thing to look at. Be sure to click on the product photo on that page to see a larger photo of the “SUPERBALL” magnet ball. (Actually the SUPERBALL consists of 288 tube magnets and 136 Steel Balls so i can see why it’s so expensive.)

The site is really pretty cool. You can buy parts to make your very own magnet sculpture or for whatever your magnetic needs may be. They have disc magnets, rod magnets, cube magnets, plate magnets, sphericall magnets, tube and ring magnets, and “special-purpose” magnets in all different sizes. The product shots are well-executed. They use a penny in the photos to give a sense of scale. They really have a TON of different sizes and shapes of magnets. It’s quite impressive.

This link shows some of the kits they offer. I like the 050BALLCLUSTER for $4.92. It consists of a dozen 1/2″ Balls surrounding a single 1/2″ Neodymium sphere magnet. Affordable, yet very cool.

Speaking of cool… They even have a sculpture section where people can submit sculptures they have built with’s magnets. Very cool idea. Unfortunately, they only have about six submissions so far. They should offer a starter kit for people. I’d be interested in putting together a magnet sculpture, but I would have no idea what parts to start with. I would treat it like a lego sculpture. Just give me a box of assorted magnets and I’ll come up with something.