cool table #1

This table is awesome. It’s a concept map of future Baghdad. I have been making similiar pieces of art. Though my work is much, much more crude. I have been carving out maps from big pieces of lumber. I have been using a Rotozip which creates a 1/4″ groove. They are pretty cool. So far I have done maps of Notting Hill, London and Westminster, London.

Industrial design always amazes me. Technology always people to evolve from my simple, down and dirty wood maps to this intricately carved map of future Baghdad. Though technology has allowed me to easily carve out 1/4″ grooves into wood. That would have been a tricky task 100 years ago. or even 30 years ago.

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Matt Maldre
18 years ago

You’ve made maps from wood by carving 1/4-inch grooves? Can we see?