cool fish aquarium

Quite a ways back, I posted about an interesting alternative fish aquarium.

Here’s an even cooler fish tank. The sides of the tank are pushed inwards to create interior terrain. And this one looks more practical than the other figure-8 design. It has a filter and pop-off top for easy cleaning.

Benjamin Graindorge is the creator of the Fish Pod. nice work, Benjamin.

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Tom Saaristo
17 years ago

That is very cool … unfortunately it doesn’t make the fish not poo … that’s the rule in my house: nothing that poos.

Mark R
Mark R
17 years ago

I like the design, but it does reduce some of the space. Do you think the fish prefer interesting terrain to swim around or extra space to swim in. Really its a matter of quality vs. quantity. Which is more beneficial for a fish? And speaking of “poo”… Don’t you think some scientist could come up with some sort of genetically engineered fish that doesn’t “poo”. Or maybe just some sort of food that is all nutrients with no extras which will eventually be converted to “poo” by the body. You could make a fortune selling those as one of… Read more »