cool designer custom soccer balls

Head over to and check out their custom designed soccer balls. Get it? “head” over. This soccer mania is great.

There is a custom soccer ball for each country in the 2006 World Cup. That’s 32 countries.

Sweden is funny. It’s made of IKEA catalog pages.
USA is denim.
saudi arabia is all gold.
i’m not sure why portugal is sold brown. maybe because Portugal is a coastal country and the brown represents the beaches.

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Laura K.
18 years ago

The Portuguese ball fascinates me. I did a bit of research on Portugal, but still can’t figure it out. It looks like a special kind of leather, or pattern, or texture. I thought maybe it referenced Portuguese fashion or culture. But I don’t know.

Does anyone else know? This is a mystery.

Laura K.
18 years ago

Hmm…….. that answer seems too easy…..

Matt Maldre
18 years ago

I’m not sure the example ball you show in your post really captures what that site is about. The ball you have there looks like a hacky sack.

Laura K.
18 years ago

I liked the Brazilian one, with the feathers. That’s what makes me think that the Portugal ball signifies more than just sand. I think there’s a deeper meaning.

18 years ago

The portuguese ball is made from cork one of the main exports of the country.