conversations with security

I had a pretty productive late night coming up with some ideas for future artworks. I’m keeping the best ideas under wraps for now. However, there’s one that will have an interesting life in its development. It’s called, “Conversations with Security”. It’ll be loosely based on my experience with security forces throughout my life from campus security to office building security to my time when I served as security at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago. (Above are a couple self-portraits I took in the locker room of the MCA back in ’95. Like my Moholy-Nagy rims?)

Here’s a few phrases I have on paper:
“No pens. Just pencils, sir.”
“Someone cut the string on that Jasper Johns painting!”
“That was a fire exit?”
“I can’t get out of the dumpster.”

I’m not sure how these phrases will be represented on canvas and/or wood, but hopefully it will work out.

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16 years ago

didn’t you leave the MCA under suspicious circumstances? something about a boat?

Tom Saaristo
16 years ago

“Excuse me, sir. Do you know the way to the Calder mobiles?”

Matt Maldre
16 years ago

I’d like to see the phrases presented in a very James Bond hi-tech security, yet retro-cool feel.