colored paper sculptures

Jen Stark makes some incredibly detailed sculptures from a simple stack of colored paper.

I played around with this about 6 years ago. It was alot of fun. By no means were my pieces as beautiful and rich as Stark’s work. It’s just something fun to play around with.

Artwork that forcefully infuses as many colors as possible irritates me. Somehow people think that more colors equals more quality. However, the color in Starks’ work plays a secondary role so they don’t become overdrawn and obnoxious like a Peter Max painting. Plus, the use of color is rooted in the concept of taking a stack of ordinary colored paper and making a sculptured form from it. It’s this formal study of sculpture that plays the primary role in her work.

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Matt Maldre
16 years ago


Tom Saaristo
16 years ago

Far out!

Kyle Beabo
16 years ago

Those are so creative and incredibly colorful. I wish I could come up with stuff like that. It’s brilliant.

16 years ago

That really is fantastic. I wish some of her pieces had better titles, though.