city of the month: Frostproof, FL

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September 2006: city of the month: Frostproof, FL

I’m sure at one point in their history Frostproof, Florida has received frost on their green lawns. I bet some of the locals went to city hall to demand some sort of refund when that happened.

The primary industry is citrus. Makes sense. I’d also like to see cars made in Frostproof, Florida. I’d love to have a Frostproof car.

Travis Henry, running back for the Tennessee Titans, lives in Frostproof, Florida. He scored two touchdowns this last Sunday. I bet the folks of Frostproof are quite excited.

Frostproof links:

a couple paragraphs painting a lovely picture of the city that is Frostproof.

Frostproof Chamber of commerce

quick stats on Frostproof
as of 2000, the median home value was $57,600. Sure that was 6 years ago, but that seems awlfully low for a town that a millionaire NFL running back lives in. Median household income in Frostproof as of 2000 was $30,412. Travis must be living on the big mansion on the top of the hill in Frostproof (figuratively speaking).

wanna buy a house in Frostproof? You ain’t getting one for $57,600. Prices range from half a mill, to well over a mill. That makes more sense seeing as the great Travis Henry is a resident.

but this site lists homes going from 30grand to 675grand. Part of Frostproof must have those semi-portable homes. They’re actually quite nice. My wife’s grandma had one of those. It’s quite spacious. big living room, little dining room, big kitchen with space for a 4-seated table, two bedrooms (2nd bedroom is a bit cozy), two bathrooms with two showers, a good-sized screened-in porch, and one of those parking carports.

daily weather forecast for Frostproof, FL

get the latest Frostproof news

wikipedia’s take

Frostproof yellow pages

Yes, there are two Frostproof car dealers! However, neither use the name “Frostproof” for their name. How lame. They are L&W Motors and Country Motors.

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Matt Maldre
17 years ago

surely there is an evil villian in the town that lives up high on hill (higher than Travis Henry’s hill) and the hill has snow on top of it. The people of frostproof talk about it all the time and what to do about it.

Matt Maldre
17 years ago

It’s cool how Froostproof homeboy Travis Henry’s uniform is light blue and white. Just like frost!

julio chavez
julio chavez
16 years ago

Nice place to live, alright to fish , close to ervey where