chipotle burrito calories

If you head to to find out the nutritional value of their burritos, then you better bring a calculator with you. They list the nutritional value of each ingredient (which is very nice), but they don’t list the total nutritional value (which isn’t very nice). The good folks at Chipotle should make their nutritional chart interactive and let people check off which items they like on their burrito.

Here’s my burrito:
Flour Tortilla (burrito) 290
Cilantro-Lime Rice 130
Black Beans 120
Chicken 190
Tomato Salsa 20
Cheese 100
Romaine Lettuce (salad) 10
Vinaigrette 260
total: 1120

I haven’t had a Chipotle burrito in over 2 years now because I heard they have 2000 calories. I feel quite a bit better that my burrito has 1120. I’m not sure if I get the 260 calorie vinaigrette. I don’t remember that being a choice. That would drop me below 1000.

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13 years ago


Did you know Chicken Caesar Salad is also really bad to have in restaurants? It has a TON of calories! Don’t be fooled!!