Chicago Cubs hotel

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Here’s a bit of Chicago Cubs history. Sheridan Plaza at 4607 N. Sheridan Road, is where many Cubs from the 1940s lived.


In a 1995 interview, centerfielder Andy Pafko remembered walking to and from Wrigley with pitching ace Claude Passeau, who also lived in Sheridan Plaza.

I liked saving the streetcar fare because I was sending home money to help dad pay off the mortgage on the farm,
Mr. Pafko told the Chicago Tribune.
Sometimes, fans would keep us company for a block or two.”

The Sheridan Plaza was a luxury hotel when it was built in 1919. Today it houses 140 low-income rental units. On Thursday, it filed for foreclosure.

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Matt Maldre
14 years ago

I commute through Uptown a few times a week. It’s a really odd neighborhood. Great architecture. Great buildings. But the neighbhorhood is not safe. In fact, there was a corner that sometimes I wait for a bus. A couple weeks ago someone was murdered at that corner. I don’t wait for the bus there anymore. I don’t think Andy Pafko would wait for the bus or streetcar there today either.