chemical brothers

About a month ago I bought the Chemical Brothers‘ latest cd, “Push the Button”. The cd cover was interesting. I was hoping they would return to their more industrial well-mixed music like “Dig Your Own Hole” and one of my all-time favorites, “Brothers Gonna Work It Out”. More hard-hitting creative material. I was very disappointed.

Their previous album, “Come With Us”, was also lacking. They are putting too many vocals on the tracks. They focus too much on the vocals and the beats end up getting mindlessly numbing.

However, I just watched the video for “The Boxer”. The song itself is a good example of how The Chemical Brothers have let the quality of their music slide. However, the video is very good. It has one basic concept and follows it without getting into any tangents. (90% of music videos have either no concept or too many contradicting concepts.)

I won’t give anything away in the video. Though I’ll say that they blended technology and real world footage flawlessly. The very end of the video is a bit lame, but now I have new respect for the song. Maybe I should check out their other videos and this cd will have more value with me.