check out the mac mini and ipod shuffle

So I checked out the new Mac Mini and iPod Shuffle at the Oak Brook Apple Store during my lunch break today. First off, the place was packed. The Apple Store was real busy before Christmas. The mayhem is continuing. Good for Apple.

I’ve seen a bunch of reports online about the Mini and Shuffle. I’ve seen the Shuffle next to a pack of gum. I’ve seen Steve Jobs hold the Mini to give a sense of scale. But it really requires a personal visit to these new pieces of hardware to truly appreciate. I was really shocked to see how small each device was. My hand is bigger than the Mini! I threw together the illustration above to give a sense of scale. I didn’t bother taking a photo in the store. I bet a basketball player could palm the Mini easily. And the Shuffle is so slim and tiny. I was quite impressed.

here’s a link to a video of a dude taking apart his Mac Mini. And here’s macworld’s article on taking apart the mini complete with nice detailed photos.