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I have to admit I’m intrigued by the $99 Walgreens tablet. It’s the Maylong M-150 Middie Universe Tablet Powered by Android. Certainly the iPad is far superior in every aspect. Yet forking over $500 for the iPad is quite an investment. What intrigues me about Walgreens’ tablet is that someone on a tight budget who only uses the internet for occasional email and simple surfing could probably get by nicely with this Walgreens tablet. $100 for basic computer needs is what we’re talking about here. Not a bad deal.

Here’s some specs on the Walgreens Maylong M-150 Android Tablet:
* 533MHz VIA-designed VM8505+ processor
* 256MB RAM
* unknown Flash memory
* SD card slot
800 X 480 pixels resolution display
* Google Android
Operating System Android 1.6 (not Android 2.1)
* LCD color touch-screen 7-inches
* 802.11b/g internet wi-fi
* dongle for RJ-45 network and USB connection
* built-in camera and video camera
* stylus, AC adapter, and dongle included
* 7.5″ X 4.6″ X 0.3″
* 12 ounces

and some features:
* full internet browsing capability
* experience YouTube at your fingertips
* easy access to emails
* download and play games
* included digital music, video player and digital picture viewer
* digital picture frame
* e-Book reader
* download and install custom Google Android

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Matt Maldre
13 years ago

I’m seriously considering getting this iPad knockoff. It would be cool if I could type on it easily. But these iPads are nortoriously difficult to type on.