champagne cork chairs #1

chairs made out of champagne corks, labels, and wire. brillant. I love it. has 46 champagne chairs on display. They all look great. The winning entry is very nice. So simple, yet so striking. Though I bet some of the other contestants weren’t too happy to see that one win. Some of the chairs are quite complex and well-crafted.

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Mark R
Mark R
18 years ago

And in the event of a flood, these chairs could be used as a floatation device. Very practical and multifunctional.

Matt Maldre
18 years ago

i don’t like the other judges picks where the materials are just wire. It should be a requirement that you use some cork in your design. Almost all the honorable mentions are really nice. Although my favorite (apart from the winner) is the Hug Chair, because it retained most of it’s original cork origins. Many of the other chairs just sliced up the ingredients so much that you can’t really tell that it came from a cork.

Tom Saaristo
18 years ago

p.s. That frog is so cute!