some design quotes

nice, little Flash-based website with quotes from designers on posters. Here’s the quotes: “Design must be for real people and not for abstract market entities.” – Konstantin Grcic(I don’t think I agree with this 100%.) “I can make things, I can build things. Put me in front of a lathe and I know what to …

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army redesigns uniforms

The U.S. Army has redesigned their uniforms. Here’s a short article that compares the new army fatigues with fashion designer, Bryan Bradley’s new camoflage digs. And here’s the Army’s full explanation of the new unis. some excerpts.“No added cost to Soldiers for additional sewing due to the use of hook and pile or pin-on patches, …

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current design trend

What to see good samples of “2003 and 2004” graphic design? has great examples.